Nafisa Nandini Crishna


Please DO waste art materials.
Use paper. Empty paint jars. Deplete pens.

If it’s teaching you stuff, it’s not being wasted.
— Danny Gregory

Hi! I’m an illustrator and a writer. I love telling stories through my drawings and my words. My artwork is a reflection of my thoughts and emotions which I marry together with my writing to form a visual narrative. I particularly like capturing spaces that evoke some form of emotion and introspection. 

I do believe that an image is worth a thousand words, but when put together, an image accompanied by thought-waves create a powerful point of connection between the artist-author and the reader. What fascinates me is that despite all our differences, each human being is intricately connected to another by the power of empathy - and at the end of the day we all feel the same set of emotions; and this is a common theme that I explore in my work.

I graduated from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore (India) with an undergraduate degree in Textile Design in 2008. I then spent the next eight years working in the field of communication and information design - working closely with the development sector. Illustration was always the field that held my interest, so I revolved the work I did around that. Finally, I went back to school and acquired a double Masters in Illustration - first from EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, and then from ELISAVA Escuela Universitaria de Barcelona - focussing on Narrative Illustration and Comic. My passion is drawing life as I see it around me in as much detail as I can. My main choice of medium is pen and ink on paper, though my secondary and tertiary choices are the digital platform as well as alternative techniques such as print and cutwork.

32 Ojos | 16 Manos Graduation Exhibition of Masters in Illustration and Comic, 2017
SWAB Stairs, 2017
La Plaça Dibuixa, 2017
GRAF Barcelona, 2017
Backstage Pass
Graduation Exhibition of Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration, 2016
III Premi d'Il·lustració Lletra Petita, 2016
La Plaça Dibuixa, 2016

Animal Homes | Pratham Books | Cover and Book Illustrations, 2019
The Dot That Went for a Walk | Caterpillar Wings | Content Feature, 2019
The Globetrotters | Penguin Random House | Cover and Book Illustrations, 2018
Oscar the Fish | Cover and Book Illustrations, 2018
.Home. | Masters Thesis for Master in Illustration, 2017
SWAB Stairs | Barcelona, 2017
Bellaterra Journal of Teaching and Learning Language & Literature | Cover Illustration, 2016 

Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad

Caterpillar Wings
Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore Literature Festival
Pratham Books
Penguin Random House, India
VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation
Fields of View 
J Thomas & Co. Pvt. Ltd.