Nafisa Nandini Crishna

Digital Illustration


One of the primary human senses is that of Touch. It is essential to human development. In fact, numerous studies have been conducted to show how infants thrive when they are cuddled and attended to, but not if they are deprived of human contact (Baysinger, Plubell, & Harlow, 1973; Feldman, 2007; Haradon, Bascom, Dragomir, & Scripcaru, 1994). Touch communicates warmth, caring, and support, and is an essential part our social interactions (Field et al., 1997; Kelter, 2009). We experience and understand our world by being able to touch everything around us. It lets us distinguish between textures, temperatures, likes and dislikes. My illustrative style in the digital medium plays on just that. I create digital collages, allowing colours and textures to overlap and play with each other, giving my audience the feeling that they are witnessing a world of vibrant colours delicately layered over one another.