Nafisa Nandini Crishna



I’m definitely not the same person I was when this year started.

An introspective inner monologue on what it is like to exist in no man’s land — where geography stops being familiar, and the feeling of belonging ceases to exist; where you belong and don’t belong to both places; where there is familiarity but not recognition. Where you learn the difficult lesson of creating ‘Home’ in yourself.

Coming from India in all its cultural diversity, the disconnect I felt when I moved to Spain was an obvious, almost expected one. Here was a country very unlike my own on multiple levels. Added to that, it was all in a language I had never studied or even interacted with in all my years. Yet, having been accepted into my first Masters course, I decided to 'wing it'. But the points at which I felt most like a foreigner were ones I didn't expect — it was when after a year and a half of living and imbibing Spain, I came back home. Suddenly, I didn't belong here either: I was a foreigner on both shores.

The format of this book is a foldout panel of drawings with minimal text per panel. The idea is to provoke the reader to interact with and engage in each illustration at a deeper level than the original superficial glance-through. The book can be picked up and read from any direction as this process of finding home is cyclic one, where each time one pushes their boundaries and allows for personal growth, the search begins again.