Nafisa Nandini Crishna

The Globetrotters


“With her (Tehsin) immense knowledge of the environment the precisely detailed descriptions in the novel a delightful.
It has been magnificently illustrated by Nafisa Nandini Crishna.”
- Jaya Bhattacharji Rose -

”Interesting and engaging, The Globetrotters is a remarkable tribute to those innumerable species that inhabit the sky, land and waters of earth. What stands out as one moves from story to story in this vast amount of information that’s packed in just 197 pages which also see some wonderful illustrations put in. This speaks volumes of the author’s knowledge and language skills. Reading the book is like going on a safari where one comes face to face with the marvels of the oceans, the desert and the poles. Each story imparts a life lesson and at the same time helps the young reader understand the characters (life form) involved in the same, their habitat, mannerisms, food habits, etc. The imagery takes us on the arduous trek/ travel undertaken by them (mainly the mighty migratory creatures) and gives us an insight into their stamina and determination…The illustrations compliment the content and the style of writing is amazing.”
- Geeta Nair -

Details of some of the inside illustrations for The Globetrotters, a children’s fiction book written by Arefa Tehsin, published by Penguin Random House.